Common Habits That Can Increase Wealth

Find Good, Thoughtful Books to Read

Great leaders and successful businessmen and women are all known to have read…a lot. Alexander the Great had libraries that he took with him everywhere he went and Bill Gates goes on reading retreats with multiple books and just lets his thoughts create new ideas from these books. Reading allows you to learn new ideas and tricks but also allows you as the reader to learn from the failures of others.

Create an Exercise Plan that Works for You

Studies have shown that having an exercise routine gives you more energy throughout your week. Exercising also helps with brain function and of course ultimately helps you stay healthy and prevents extra doctor visits and medications that cost money. It doesn’t have to be intense. Go bike, run, do push-ups, Pilates, yoga… whatever works for you.

Stop Eating Out for Lunch Every Day

It is easy to eat out for lunch every day and fun. But it is also more expensive than brown bagging it or going home for lunch. You can save a good amount of money by making your own lunches instead of dropping at least $12.00